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About iVOC

iVOC is a communication tool in dental and orthodontic care designed specifically for our practice (Sunrise Dental Clinic). iVOC allows you to submit photos of your teeth to our dental and orthodontic team using smartphones, tablets or even a personal computer and get our team's feedback quickly. This is useful for (terms of uses apply):

  • Getting preliminary virtual advice to know if you will benefit from dental/ orthodontic treatment
  • Online monitoring of your ongoing orthodontic treatment and teeth/ gums condition
  • Help in managing emergencies in between appointments

iVOC CANNOT replace the expertise of your dental practitioners. Therefore, you must continue to follow the recommendations of your dental practitioner. Please be aware that iVOC does not provide any clinical diagnosis and is intended to be used in conjunction with clinical assessment by a dental practitioner. Please talk to your dental practitioner to discuss your treatment in detail.

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